Aldine ISD Middle School One Act Play Contest

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Posted on 02/13/2018
Lewis OAP

Lewis Middle School, Theatre Department wins 1st

Lewis Middle School won 1st place at the Aldine Middle School One Act Play Competition, on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

The competition was held at MacArthur High School and seven middle schools (Plummer, Lewis, Aldine, Hambrick, Drew Academy, Shotwell, and Hoffman) competed.  Each school had 40 minutes to present their one-act play, with a seven-minute setup and seven minute strike time.

Lewis Middle School performed, Nobody Heard Me Cry, written by Vern Harden and directed by Kimberly J. Ardison. They walked away with the 1st place trophy for their performance and an award for Best Tech.

The students that won individual awards are Best Tech- Jennifer Anaya and Yajaira Franco, All-Star Cast- Ketorah Jones, Best Support Actor- Evan Garcia, and Best Actor- Chaynce Henderson.

Congratulations to Chaynce Henderson, Symone Williams, Ketorah Jones,  Evan Garcia, Jemarion Williams, Kersten Dyer, Era Rano, Itzeel Romero, Ta’ratio Richard, Joshua Lott, Kevin Vo, Maria Faudo, Starr Phipps, Oryssiah Sam, Linda Masis, Jennifer Anaya,Yajaira Franco, and Paris Browne.

Nobody Heard Me Cry chronicles the heart and soul of a teenage boy caught in a downward spiral of depression through his journal entries. We learn of his anger surrounding his father’s untimely death, his disappointment at not getting into the police academy and his constant sense of isolation, even when around other kids his age. Though his mother and friends try to reach out to him, he pushes them all away. Sadly, they give up too easily, not fathoming the depth of his anguish. The offstage gunshot that dramatically concludes this play delivers a powerful message to listen to people’s cries.

Congratulations is also in order to Drew Academy for walking away with 2nd place for their performance of To Be Young, Gifted, and Black directed by Ariane E. Phillips and Hoffman Middle School for placing 3rd with their performance of Bad Auditions by Bad Actors directed by Amber Lister.