Attendance and Tardy Policy

Lewis Middle School has the following policy on tardies.  
Our come late, stay late policy:

A student receives an unexcused tardy if he or she arrives at school after the bell rings: tardies include, but are not limited to, missing the bus, car trouble, over-sleeping, or traffic problems. A doctor or dentist appointment with proper documentation is not considered a tardy. After school D-hall will be given to that student that same day.

Lewis Middle School would like to inform you of district policies and the law regarding failure to attend school. Under Texas law, unexcused absences are a criminal offense, and both the students and their parents can be charged. If your child reaches the limit of unexcused absences, a warning will be sent to your home and hand-delivered to your child in school. You will need to immediately contact the school for a conference to discuss your child’s absences and attempt to rectify the situation before criminal charges are filed.

If your child continues to incur additional unexcused absences, the school will file a case in the Justice of the Peace Court, where you and your child must appear in response to the charges. A comprehensive program will be implemented under which your child must not miss additional school days. If your child deviates from the terms of the program, those additional conditions will be added, such as truancy camp and completion of community service hours. Non-compliance will ultimately lead to charges being filed against your child in a Harris County Juvenile District Court. Each parent is also subject to paying very large fines.

Absences from school shall be of two types, excused and unexcused. Work missed for any absences can be made up according to the make-up work policy. However, unexcused absences will remain unexcused. Excused absences are granted for the following reasons:

1. Personal illness
2. Serious illness or death in the student's immediate family 
3. Emergency medical or dental attention 
4. Absences approved by the principal in advance 
5. Weather or road conditions making travel dangerous 
6. Quarantine

Students must bring a note from the parent or guardian requesting an excused absence for one of these reasons. The absentee note must be brought to school the day the student returns to school from the absence. Unexcused absences include but are not limited to truancy, missing the bus, oversleeping, and absences not excused in advance by the principal.

Failure to bring a note will result in an unexcused absence.

Bell Schedule

Period   A Lunch  B Lunch C Lunch
8:35-9:06 8:35-9:06 8:35-9:06 
 2  9:10-9:54  9:10-9:54 9:10-9:54 
 3  9:58-10:42  9:58-10:42  9:58-10:42
 4  10:44-11:14
 5  12:04-12:48  12:04-12:48  11:34-12:18
 6  12:52-1:36  12:52-1:36  12:20-12:50
 7  1:40-2:24  1:40-2:24  1:40-2:24
 8  2:28-3:12  2:28-3:12  2:28-3:12
 9  3:16-4:00  3:16-4:00  3:16-4:00