Needed for Enrollment - (Se Necesita Para Enscribir) - Checklist

__ Parent Photo Identification (Identificacion del padre)

__ Student's Birth Certificate (Certificado de Nacimiento del Estudiante)

__ Student's Social Security Card or Income Tax Record w/social security number - (Tarjeta de Seguro Social del Estudiante)

__ Current Shot Record, including Hep B
(Prueba de Vacunas Corriente, incluyendo Hep B)

__ Proof of Address in Parent's Name - If home- either gas, light, or water bill. If apartment- copy of the lease (Prueba de Residencia en Nombre de los Padres)
Si vive en casa - Copia del bil de gas, luz, o agua.
Si vive en apartamento- Copia del contrato.

__ Last Report Card and / or withdrawal form (Ultimo reporte de grados / o forma de retiro)

__ STaR Scores (Prueba de STaR)

__ If a guardianship is needed, please contact Larry Smith at 281-985-6277 for an appointment. A student cannot be enrolled without a guardianship approval letter. You may obtain a photo I.D. from any DPS office. You may obtain a copy of your child's birth certificate at any courthouse. You may also obtain a copy of your child's social security card at the social security office.
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